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Knowledgeable Tutor and Great Customer Service

Jan 11, 2013 by Scott Mcmurry
Subject: Gr.12 Chemistry • 
City: Brampton 

I was quite pleased with the tutor and the tutoring agency. My daughter needed some assistance with her chemistry class. I would have given the agency 5 stars but it took about a week and a bit to allocate the tutor for my daughter. It was definitely worth the wait! Other than that my duaghter is very pleased with her tutor. We had a tutor from another agency and the tutor needed to think about the answer or get back to us the next day. This is why we had to find another agency and thank goodness we found Tutors 4 Less. The tutor they found for my daughter not only answers the questions promptly but teaches my daughter every step on how she arrived at her answers. My daughter is doing great in her chemistry course. I would highly recommend this agency to others.

Response: Thanks for your review Scott. Depending on the type of course and your location, it usually takes anywhere between 3 to 8 business days to allocate the tutor for you. We make sure that the tutor we are sending you is qualified to teach the subject they are tutoring. So in your case we would need to find a candidate who is studying or has graduated in a chemistry or chemical engineering program at the university level. Other agencies may allow their tutors to teach chemistry without studying chemistry at the university level. At Tutors 4 Less we make sure the tutor understands the material they are teaching thoroughly and are very comfortable with the subject matter. I am very happy that your daughter found our tutoring services very useful. At Tutors 4 Less we strive for excellent customer service.

Glad I choos your agency

Dec 20, 2012 by Abdi Ahmed
Subject: Gr.12 Calculus • 
City: Scarborough 

I am glad I choosing your agency. We were very happy with my sons tutor Arjun. My son was experiencing some difficulty with calculus course and the tutor guided him well to understand the course better. Thank you for a good tuition. I will choos again.

Response: Thanks for your review Abdi. I am glad Arjun has worked out for your son. At tutors For Less we make sure we only hire the best tutors. We thoroughly screen our tutors for their teaching ability and for their ability to relate well to students of all education needs and abilities. :)

Very Happy with services

Dec 12, 2012 by Vasilios Papadakis
Subject: Gr.3 Reading • 
City: East York - Toronto 

I had to write this review because of how proud I am with your services. My son Luke could not be happier. He was very frustated at school because he could not comprehend what he was reading. I was frustrated because we had a horrible experience with another home tutoring agency because they sent me a tutor that did not even know what to do with my son. She just sat there asking us what to do???? That agency did not even want to refund my money that I payed them! I then called Tutors For Less. The minute you answered the phone I knew this was the right agency. You assured me that they would find a good tutor. You did not rush me and you let me take my time to decide, and you even have a refund policy that gave me a peace of mind. Although we had to wait about a week or so for the tutor I was impressed with how organized you were. The tuotor you sent me was great for my son. Not only did she come prepared with resources my son Luke was looking forward to the tutoring sessions every week. My son feels very confident about his reading ability and is alot happier at school and at home when he is doing his homework. If you would like an excellent reading tutor ask for Gillian.

Response: Thanks for your response Vasilios. We try our very best to set you up with the best possible tutor. We are glad that it worked out for you.

Cheers, Madeleine :)

Good tutors and service

Nov 16, 2012 by Tim

My son James needed some tutoring for his essay writing. The found him a tutor and she tutored him for a bit but then all of a sudden the tutor got a teaching job in another city. The found us a replacment tutor quickly and she was just as good. I would have given Tutors For Less 5 stars but felt that getting a replacement lowered that rating. I know it is not the agencies fault and our tutor did get a job as a permanent teacher in Waterloo. That was beyond the agencies control. On a good note your prices and packages are affordable and you were very detalied with me about your service. And my son has improved in his essay writing skills and his mark did go up in English.

Response: Thanks for your review Tim. There are times we have no control over the future endeavours of our tutors. Fortunately for Nandita she found a permanent teaching position in Waterloo. This happens very rarely with our tutors. Even if our tutors found a full-time position, their position are usually local. This way they are able to continue their tutoring sessions. . I am glad the replacement tutor worked out nicely for Chris. AT Tutors For Less we strive to make our customers happy.

My son enjoys being tutored

Nov 14, 2012 by Edwardo
Subject: Reading • 
City: Etobicoke 

Our son had some problems reading. He did not have good comprehension skills. We were with Kumon at first but we found that they don't give him attention. We called Tutors For Less and they were able to find a tutor that my son Marco not only enjoyed but was looking forward to getting tutored by his tutor. The teacher at his school was very happy that his reading and his comprehension of reading materials have improved. Thank you for giving us a great tutor.

Tutor is good

Nov 02, 2012 by Aalim
Subject: Gr.12 Physics • 
City: Toronto 

We are very happy with Basmah's tutor. He is polite, friendly, and he knows the subject material very good. I am very happy with you guys you always answer phone service. I was with other tuition agency and they gave me very bad tutor that did not know physics too good. They don't anser phone very much. I am happy for my daughter she es doing very good in her course. My daughter is happy I am happy! Thanks you guys.

Response: Hi Aalim,

I am pleased that our tutor was a good match for your daughter. At Tutors For Less we strive to hire tutors that are caring, friendly, and who thoroughly understand the subject material they are teaching

Great Math tutor

Oct 27, 2012 by Sasha
Subject: Gr.12 Calculus • 
City: Kanata Ottawa 

Although it took about 7 days to get a tutor my son. We were were very impressed with the tutor they got for us. The tutor explained the course material well. My son was not achieving good grades and was not confident when writing tests. With the tutors help, My Son was very confident when it came down to writing his tests. He now masters his calculus test. We will continue to use their services for this semester and the next for gr.12 Physics. Thank you for your great service!

Response: Hi Sasha. I am glad you like the tutor we selected for your son. Most of the time we do provide the tutor quickly to the clients. This usually takes 2-3 business days. That is only if our internal list of tutors do not get booked up to capacity with other tutoring clients. If this happens then we have to hire externally. When hiring external candidates, we need to take our time thoroughly screening, interviewing, and selecting their tutors to make sure they are an ideal match for your child. This may take 3-8 business days. That is why we take a little more time then other agencies because we want to make sure you are happy with the tutor we selected for you. Quality is very important to Tutors 4 Less!

Great Customer Service

Oct 18, 2012 by Susan

After having a bad experience with another tutoring agency I finally found you guys. You were very professional with me and explained your service and refund policy very well. You selected a great tutor Rosanna for my son Conner. Rosanna had been tutoring Conner for a little over a year and I noticed huge changes in his overall well being and he is now thankfully academically at par with his friends. Thanks I would reccommend you guys to my friends if they needed a tutoring agency with great customer service and tutors!

Response: Thank-you for your review Susan. We do try our best to match the tutor with your child\'s specific needs.

Tutors 4 Less 1-877-840-6195 , Canada 4.6 5.0 28 28 I called a few agencies in the beginning of summer and no one returned my call but Tutors For Less. I spoke to Steve and he explaining everything to me. They sent me a tutor for m