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Honest and Reliable But Our tutor left suddenly

Aug 16, 2013 by Andy Hung
Subject: Gr.10 Math Review • 
City: Vancouver 

I would have gave the agency five stars but I was disappointed that our tutor had to leave suddenly. I was really happy with our tutor and my son was grasping the material very well. We almost completed the tutoring program when our tutor Ajmal had to suddenly leave the country because a a personal issue. We had a replacement tutor but my son really liked Ajmal and although the tutor was qualified my son felt Ajmal explained the material better.l. So now we have a couple of hours and waiting for Ajmal. I know it is not the agencies fault but I guess we will wait for Ajmals return.

Response: Thanks for your response Andy. We appreciate all reviews. The tutor leaving suddenly is extremely rare. In most circumstances the tutor finishes the hours with the client unless they have to leave the province or country. We have no control if a tutor is unable to continue their tutoring sessions for either medical or personal reasons. People are human and things happen. Even though our tutors have similar qualifications and expertise in the subject they are tutoring. Like teachers, every tutor may have a different teaching approach or teaching style. Sometimes that teaching style clicks very well with the students learning style. . As for Ajmal I do have good news. He will be back in Vancouver around the first week of September. As you know, he had to leave the country to take care of some personal issues which was unavoidable.

Best Regards,

Madeleine B

Summer Reading Program Gr.2

Jul 25, 2013 by Demitri P
City: Ottawa 

My son was not doing to well at the end of June. He needed a lot of help with his reading and writing. We called several agencies and it seems either their out of business or on summer vacation. We then called a tutoring agency who said they would assess my child and come up with an action plan. The person assessing my child was not even a certified teacher and they wanted me to purchase 50 hours of tutoring! I was not happy so we were refereed to Tutors For Less by a relative who is a principal nearby. Tutors For Less explained the process to me and quickly found a tutor for my son. We chose the 20 hour program because we needed someone who can tutor my son 2 to 3 times a week over the summer. We noticed a big difference in my Son James within a few weeks of tutoring. You don\'t know how much a difference there is when my child gets the full attention of the teacher. Great Agency and will continue with them in the Fall.

Response: Hi Demitri, It nice to hear that the tutoring was successful for your son. We always look out for your children\'s specific needs. Tutors For Less is the largest independently owned tutoring agency in Canada. That means that you will get consistent excellent customer service in every city. Unfortunately, other agencies who franchise their brand do not provide the same quality you would find in an independently owned tutoring agency. The problem with tutoring agencies that get franchised is that each franchisee is operating differently and quality of service may change depending on your owner. At Tutors For Less, we will always have great tutors and customer service!

Excellent Tutor

Jun 27, 2013 by Marjan A
Subject: Gr.12 Physics • 
City: North York 

My son needed to do well in his grade 12 physics exam. We called other agencies and they were not able to help us in time. Tutors 4 less was able to explain their programs clearly and in detail. We were very glad that Tutors 4 Less came to my son\'s rescue as he needed someone quick. They were able to find a tutor within 2 days that we registered with their agency. My only problem was that the tutor could not tutor us right away because he was booked with another client that day. He did show up the a week before his exam and a day prior to his exam. My Son\'s tutor Ajmal was superb. He not only explained everything he gave my son that extra confidence he needed for his exam. I will definitley use their services again when my son is starting his engineering degree in September. Ask for Ajmal he is a verry good physics tutor.

Response: Glad it went well for your son, Marjan.

Honest and Professional

Jun 07, 2013 by Desislava Kaloyanov
City: Toronto 

My son and myself are very thankful for all your help. My son wanted to drop his English course and you helped him find a tutor and encourage him to keep his course. He went from a 45 to a 65 in two months. He still has to write his exam but I am sure he will do fine. My experience with other agencies is that they were not honest with me. One day they would quote me one price the other day they would quoate me with a higher price. I found that most of the agencies do not want to listen to what you have to say and try to get to the point of sale instead. You guys were honest and professional and explained everything to me very well. Thank you for your great work and professionalism. My son will not have to repeat the Gr.10 English course and will have a relaxing summer instead.

Response: Thank-you for your response Desislava. We are sorry you had that experience with one day price inflation with one of the agencies you contacted. The tutoring industry is not regulated which means that anyone with or without a proper education can open up a tutoring business. Unfortunately, most tutoring agency owners are not passionate about education and are only passionate about making money. At Tutors For Less, we listen carefully to your specific needs so that we can find the best tutoring fit for your child\'s unique needs. One thing that sets us apart from other agencies is that we do care! Steve Lehman - Director Toronto Chapter

Thanks for your assisstance

May 26, 2013 by Vicky Leung
Subject: Gr.8 writing • 
City: North Vancouver 

I have to give Tutors For Less my utmost thank-you. My daughter was going through some tough times in her grade 8 English class. She is on and I.E.P and has difficulty converting her thoughts on paper. I wish I would have come to you first. I did not do homework and paid dearly for it. I those the other agency because they answered me first and I wanted to get the process started. I explained to them the situation with my daughter and they sent a tutor. The tutor really did not even know what a mind map for getting her started. That did not work out at all and they sent another tutor who was a teacher. This teacher had no special education background and helped very little. Finally after I utilized the 30 hours I purchased for them a college of mine refereed me to Tutors For Less. Wow I wish I would have known you sooner. You guys really know your stuff when it comes to special education. My daughter also had anxiety issues and sometimes had a fear of going to school and you were able to set me up with a teacher that has both a background in special education and had experience teaching students diagnosed with severe anxiety. My daughter Carol loves her tutoro and since she started with your agency she has had no major anxiety episodes and goes to school happy. Not to mention I spoke with one of your fabulous agents. His name was Steve and he spoke with me for about half-an-hour at no extra cost! He guided me into how I can access the supports at the school so my daughter was able to take her tests in a quiet spot in the school away from her classroom. My colleague was right about you guys you not only provide excellent service but you do really care about us. You guys should get an award for all the great work you do.

Response: Thank-you for you response Vicky. Most of our clients do come from referrals from people like you. I am glad it worked out for your daughter. It is amazing how many supports there are at the school that many parents do not know about. I am glad that our agent Steve was able to guide you and your daughter through the proper path. We would appreciate it if you could like us on Facebook at https://www.facebook.com/Tutorsforless .

Great Agency

May 20, 2013 by James Higgins
Subject: Grade 2 Reading • 
City: Calgary 

I am very impressed with you guys. You explained the entire process to me clearly to help get tutoring for my boy. Within a week we got set up with one of your tutors. We really enjoy that they come to the home. Jake's tutor is great. He looks forward to his weekly visits. The teacher noticed that his reading had improved after only 2 months of weekley tutoring. Thank-you for your help I will recommend you guys to my friends. Cheers Bill.

Response: Thank-you for the review James. I am really glad that it all worked out. Based on our recent phone call it seems that Jake might not need any more tutoring after the summer. That is what we love to hear. I am really happy for Jake. Cheers. Steve

Professional Service

May 07, 2013 by Anne G. Cray
Subject: Gr.10 Essay Writing • 
City: East York - Leaside 

I called a few agencies before I called Tutors For Less and they were beating around the bush about their organization and their policies. With one agency I thought I was speaking to a teenager??? When I called you guys you were very sincere and understanding and you explained everything that I needed answers for. It felt like I was speaking to an experienced teacher who was very understanding. My daughter has a learning disablity and is unable to process her thoughts on paper and therefore needed a specific tutor to assist her with her special requirments. Not only had you provided and excellent tutor, you provided a role model who organized her binders and gave her tips on time management and study skills. We will definitely will use her until my daughter can take those skills she has been taught and use them independantly. Ask For Carolina. She is an awesome tutor.

Response: Thanks for your review Anne. I am glad your daughter has found Carolina to be helpful. We understand our clients need fully. This is partly due to the fact that all of our customer service agents are not only certified but they are experienced teachers that understand the needs of students and parents alike. They are fully equipped to deal with parents and have that educational understanding that many of the other agencies lack. Our agents teaching expertise and experience has been very helpful in assisting thousands of clients.

Great Agency and Teacher

Apr 26, 2013 by Gilli V
Subject: Gr.4 Reading Comp • 
City: Markham - Vaughan 

I would like to thank Tutors For Less for being very understanding and professional when I explained my situation with the twins. They had been struggling with reading comprehension since they were in grade 2. I had been with two other agencies which I was not very pleased with. One agency took almost 3 weeks to find a tutor and then they told me that the tutor they found left the country. The other agency sent someone that came unprepared to teach my boys reading comprehension and expected to help my kids with homework. I almost gave up hope when the Vice Principal of our school recommended you guys. Within a few days you were able to hook us up with a teacher and she was awsome! No my boys are beggining to be able to read and answer questions about the material. The only thing I did not like was that the teacher cancelled on us a couple of times but that is not the agencies fault. Thank you for all your hard work guys and I know I will recommend you to my friends and family in the future if need be.

Response: Thanks for leaving a response Gilli. Not all tutoring agencies are the same. The industry is not regulated which means that other agencies can run their tutoring company just for the sole purpose of making a quick buck and forget about the clients needs. Some agencies only provide you with a profile database of their tutors and ask you to choose from their limited selection. Many parents come to us after they had unsatisfactory results or poor customer service with other tutoring agencies. We provide honest customer service and will do whatever it takes to make our students happy.

Great tutor

Mar 08, 2013 by Geovana battaglia
Subject: Gr.9 Math • 
City: Rosedale Toronto 

Words cannot express at how happy I am with Tutors For Less. After going threw some horrible experiences with other agencies Tutors For Less came through when I needed them the most. The first agency I went to sounded very professional. They assessed my daughter and signed us up for 40 tutoring hours indicating they had an action plan based on the assessment they conducted for 1 hour. That was fine and all but the tutor they sent was having trouble answering simple math questions. Then we went with another tutoring agency and they sent us a tutor that was difficult to understand. We were fed up! We called our school and they recommended Tutors For Less. Our school said that they are the only agency they trust. I gave them a call and they sent a tutor that really worked well with my daughter. The only drawback I had was that the tutor was unable to tutor for two weeks as she went on vacation with her family. Although they offered to find a tutor to help my daughter for those two weeks I felt I would rather wait for her tutor to come back. Other than that this tutor is awesome! Ask for Angela in Toronto.

Response: Glad we can help Geovana.

Good Company

Feb 07, 2013 by Ebrahim
Subject: Gr.12 Essay Writing • 
City: Richmondhill, Ontario 

There are a so many tutor companies to choose. I was getting a headeaches. One company want to testing my child. Why test my child in grade 12? I explain to them no need. The other company wanted us to come to their office and sign papers for purchase of 100 hours of tutoring. I eh told them that no needed too much hours. I wanted simple company that gets tutor to help my daughter write essays. My friend tell me about Tutors For Less.
My daughter Rayhaneh needs some help with writing essay. We are happy we chose Tutors For Less. They explain everything to us very well. They were very fast and they sent a tutor that helped my daughter improve her marks on the essay. You have good tutors and good prices. Thank-you for all your helps my daughter now can get good marks on essay on her own.

Response: Thank you for your response, Ebrahim. Unlike other tutoring agencies we make sure the tutor we send you specializes in the tutoring subject they are teaching. That is why we have so many referrals and return costumers. As a matter of fact we had to turn away some customers in late January and early February due to a long waiting list we currently are experiencing. That is because our costumers know that when we send you a tutor you can rely on Tutors For Less team to allocate a tutor that you can be happy with. At Tutors For Less We not only give you a great price but we give you tutors you can rely on!

Tutors 4 Less 1-877-840-6195 , Canada 4.6 5.0 28 28 I called a few agencies in the beginning of summer and no one returned my call but Tutors For Less. I spoke to Steve and he explaining everything to me. They sent me a tutor for m