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My Son Improved his reading

May 08, 2015 by Harpeet Pandhar
Subject: Reading tutor • 
City: Markham 

I called a few agencies in the beginning of summer and no one returned my call but Tutors For Less. I spoke to Steve and he explaining everything to me. They sent me a tutor for my son Kuldeep. He has a problem with a reading all year long. Teacher told me to find tutor for him. The first tutor they sent me was good and my son a liked him. He was tutoring my son for three weeks and then he left because he is going on vacation for two weeks. I told the agency this was not good my son needing tutoring all summer. They sent me another tutor a week later and she was the most wonderful for my son. I called agency and said to them I want this tutor for my son Kuldeep. They said was OK. If the first tutor did not leave for vacation I would have gave Tutors For Less a four or five star. I give 3 star because I should have been given information about tutor who is leaving for vacation. I am very happy with the tutor we have now she is very good with Kuldeep and he is improve in his reading. Very happy with her.

Response: Hi Harpeet, Thank you for your response. We try our best to make sure that your tutor stays with you throughout the tutoring programs we offer. However, from time to time events do occur that are beyond our control. We were not aware that Melanie your tutor was going on vacation in the middle of your block. If we would have known this information we would have relayed that information to you prior to commencing the tutoring with Melenie. We have taken your concern and addressed it with our agency. From this point forward, we are requesting that all our representatives ask the tutors if they are planning any leave in the next few months before taking on a tutoring assignment. I am glad that your new tutor Samantha is working out for your son Kuldeep. If there is anything else you would like to discuss, please call our office.

Best Regards,

madeleine B
Tutor Recruiter
Tutors For Less - Toronto

Great Support and Honesty

Jan 23, 2015 by Luka Castellanos
Subject: Gr.2 reading program • 
City: Calgary 

I am grateful we found Tutors For Less. Went through a few agencies and tutoring centers back in September of 2013 and was disappointing with them to say the least. When I called Tutors For Less I spoke with a lovely lady called Lisa. She reassured me that Tutors For Less is different than the other agencies as they have hundreds of tutors working for them and have been around since 2004. She also reassured me that if we were not happy that Tutors For Less would offer me a refund. We registred with them on a Monday and I got a call on the weekend about starting tutoring sessions with my son Luka Junior. The minute our tutor Samantha introduced herself and starting tutoring my son I just knew it was going to work out. I was just really impressed with our tutor Samantha. She really helped my son\'s reading and writing abilities throughout the year. My son is more confident in his reading and writing abilities and at the end of the year the teacher said he was at the same level as his peers. We finished the tutoring sessions by the end of June to give Luka junior a break for the summer. But I will continue the tutoring sessions in September. Thank-you Tutors For Less for your true sincerity and support of my son\'s educational needs.

Response: Thank you for your response Luka, We appreciate all comments good or bad. We are very happy that your son had improved his reading and writing skills throughout the year. Please give us a call in the middle of August to commence tutoring sessions in September.

Good Math Tutoring program

Aug 02, 2014 by Sasha Zaretsky
Subject: Gr.10 Math Review • 
City: Kanata 

I would first like to thank Tutors For Less for taking their time to find the right tutor for my son. I told them specifically what I was looking and they responded favorably. My son did poorly in grade 10 academic math and instead of having him upgrade his math course at summer his teacher recommended that I call Tutors For Less. I spoke to a representative called Mary. She set us up and found a really good tutor. My Son is confident going into grade 11 and that is all I wanted. My only con about the agency is that they require the payment up front before tutoring sessions start. I did find out that this is actually common in the business. Other than that I am really thankful for the tutor they my son. I will use you guys next year for his grade 11 math program. Hopefully we can get his tutor Ishan for February 2015.

Response: Thank-you for your response Sasha. You are right this is very common practice in the tutoring industry. Tutors For Less did have a pay as you go choice back in 2004, but since then have changed to a pre-pay choice that is refundable. We will try our best to allocate Ishan for February 2015 but if it does not work out we will allocate an equally competent tutor for your son. Call us early in January so we can see if Ishan can fit you in his schedule.


Jun 19, 2014 by Mario Valencia
Subject: Gr.10 Math • 
City: Toronto 

Corey came over last night and had his first Grade 10 Math Session with my son. My Son said he was the best Teacher he’s ever had. Better than any at Oxford, and better than his teachers in school.

I’d say it was a great success for everybody involved. The fact that it has sparked an interest in learning in my son is just fantastic! I’m very, very happy with what Corey has done (in only his first session)

Response: We are happy that our tutor Corey has surpassed your expectations as well as hours. Thank you for you positive comment.

Very Good Experience

Mar 29, 2014 by Naima Housain
Subject: Gr.1 Reading and Writing • 
City: Ottawa 

At first I was a bit skeptical about getting a tutor from an Agency. The representative that I talked to was calm and explained everything very well to me and was not pushy about getting a sale. I decided to go ahead with the tutoring. I am very impressed with our tutor Angela that they sent us from Tutors For Less. She was able to make my son confident in reading. The teacher is very impressed with my son Ahmed that she said the he is the most improved student in the class. He is more motivated to come to school. Thank-you

Response: I am glad you had a great experience with one of your tutors. Glad it worked out for your son.

Fast Response and Great Tutor

Jan 14, 2014 by Ashley Stone
Subject: Physics tutoring Exam preperation • 
City: Ottawa 

I am very impressed with Tutors For Less. I know I asked for a tutor last minute with them but I only came to them when two other tutoring agencies said they would find me a tutor and they could not find me a tutor within two weeks. I spoke to Steve and he said that normally there is a waiting period of 2 to 8 days to find a tutor for me but he had someone in mind and he would get back to me later that evening. He did and we set up everything and the tutor was at my house in two days. My tutor Alex was a retired math professor. He put me at ease and I was confident going into my physics exam. I was greatfull that Tutors For Less was able to find someone so quick for me.

Response: We are glad that it worked out for you Ashley. As we mentioned before our wait time it usually between 2 to 8 business days to allocate a tutor for you. We do this because we want to find the right tutor for our clients. Sometimes we are able to match a tutor with you on the spot but we always have to make sure that the tutor is able to take on more clients. If you need any help in your university studies just give us a shout.

Madeleine B
Tutor Recruiter
Tutors For Less

English tutoring

Nov 05, 2013 by Lisa Fritz
Subject: Gr.5 • 
City: Thornhill, on 

After going through Sylvan and Kumon we needed a private tutor for our son as he was struggling with reading and writing. We called other agencies but they did not seem to understand what type of tutor I require for my son\'s special needs. Some of the agencies were oblivious to the whole IPRC process. Then as a recommendation from our school principal we called Tutors For Less. The minute I spoke to an agent they knew exactly what I was talking about and gave me a few tips on how to work with my son while on the phone. They reassured me that they were going to find someone who specifically can teach my son. Although it took 7 days I was so happy the teacher they sent me. They sent me an experienced special education teacher with reading recovery experience. This was a truly perfect match for my sons literacy requirements. A year later my son is now a confident reader. That is all he need was the proper teacher to teach him the skills he would need as an adult! An to think that I wasted thousands of dollars with other agencies and Tutors For Less basically was able to teach him the skills for under $1000 dollars in 6 months! Kudos to this agency. It is a shining gem compared with the other agencies we tried.

Response: Thank-you for your response. I am sorry you had to experience poor agencies. There are many of these pop-up agencies that open up but they have no idea about the education system or the education process. This is what we call come and go agencies, whereby they pop up one year and gone the next. But unfortunately, these agencies tarnish the reputations of professional home tutoring agencies like ours whose representatives are experienced teachers. I am glad you had a great experience. Sometimes it does take us a little longer to find an adequate tutor/teacher to meet the specific needs of the student.

Gr.12 Tutor

Oct 18, 2013 by Hassan Ahmed
Subject: Physics Gr.12 A.P. • 
City: Mississauga 

I really like the tutor they sent my daughter. He taught material very well. He has PHD in astrophysics. I went to other agency but they could not give me anybody good. My daughter is very happy with tutor.

Response: Thank-you for your reply Hassan. We pay our tutors one of the highest rates in the tutoring industry. This reflects on the tutors that tutor for our agency.

Great Customer Service. Great Tutors

Sep 07, 2013 by Carol Fletching
Subject: Gr.9 Math • 
City: Ottawa- Kanata 

I am very grateful we found Tutors For Less. You were the first that answered our call. You were very professional, honest, and patient when I needed answers to the questions I had. You explained your process and procedure very well. Now for my story. My daughter was struggling with her grade 9 math course and need some assistance quickly. You guys found us a tutor within a reasonable amount of time and my daughter immediately started to improve a few weeks later. Her math teacher mentioned to me that she sees alot of ne confidence in my daughter Florabel. In the end she went from a 61% to a 76% in her final mark. I was very impressed with my daughter and the tutor who was very positive and patient with my daughter. I will recommend you guys to my family and friends. Thanks a mil for all your hard work.

Response: Thanks for the review Carol. I am glad it worked out for Florabel.

Wonderful Summer Program

Aug 27, 2013 by Amber G
Subject: Gr.2 summer English and Math program • 
City: Calgary 

Words cannot express how happy I am with Tutors For Less. We were recommended by our sons teacher who said they provide honest and professional tutoring service and she also mentioned that she worked there shortly after graduating from teachers college. Amanda's tutor Joanne was a really good fit. Not only did she provide a great program she was so positive with my daughter that Amber no longer has a fear of writing. As such she does not get frustrated when she reads and writes. I would recommend this tutoring agency to anyone that requires professional and honest service.

Response: Thanks for your response Amber. When recruiting our tutors we carefully screen them to make sure that not only have they mastered the subject material, but are also caring, patient, and understanding.

Tutors 4 Less 1-877-840-6195 , Canada 4.6 5.0 28 28 I called a few agencies in the beginning of summer and no one returned my call but Tutors For Less. I spoke to Steve and he explaining everything to me. They sent me a tutor for m