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Steps to take in finding the right tutoring agency.

finding f the right tutoring agency in toronto

It has become more and more difficult to find a good tutoring agency. Since 2007 the amount of new tutoring centres and agencies has increased by 10%. It is easy for a tutoring agency that has just opened up to look professional by hiring a marketing organization and paying for S.E.O. So it appears they are reputable from the looks of their website but are they really? What we have recently found is that some of the new owners of these tutoring agencies do not hold a teaching or education degree. Some of these agencies are run by University students or graduates who have no idea of what it means to be in a classroom other than memories they had as student.
Many clients have called us and thanking us that they finally we have someone who understands their specific concerns! That is a major problem. Would you go to a car mechanic that graduated from a history degree that decided to open up a car repair shop? Would you go to a tutoring agency that is run by university students?

Tips on finding the right tutoring agency.

1. How long have they been in business? Typically they should be in the business for at least 5 years. Otherwise you may be wasting your time with that agency as they are green to the business and you may encounter many initial problems along the way as you become their guinea pig. Many of these new tutoring agencies do not continue operating after their first year, as soon realize it that it is time consuming for the amount of profit they are gaining. How to check on an agency on-line  You simply can go on http://whois.net/ and find out when their website was created. Chances are is the date they created their website is a ballpark figure of the date they started their tutoring agency. Although there are exceptions.   Agencies or companies that started in the 90’s most probably did not have a website until some time after the millennium which was called the .com boom.

2. Rock bottom prices. You can notice that an agency just began by their rock bottom promotions. For example if the agency offers you a rate of $23 per hour or $35/per hour and a half, then chances are that this agency is desperate in luring you as a customer. These are just introductory rates that last a few hours and then have you purchase more hours at a substantially higher rate. Reputable agencies would not lure you into this low price schemes.

3. Who are you speaking to? Are you speaking to a certified teacher / educator? If they are not a teacher or administrator they should not be assisting your child. Not to mention would you want someone who does not have the knowledge of the current education system to hire a tutor for your child?

4. Avoid agencies that send you to a booking database. A tutor booking database may be convenient but that really limits the ability to find a good match with your child. Some tutoring agencies do not even take the time to set you up with a tutor. They ask for your money upfront and then ask you to go on their tutor database. This is a very poor technique especially if you have a child with specific needs. Not only that you have really no choice in their selection of tutors. In addition to that. That tutor may be fully booked. Choose an agency that carefully selects the tutor they are going to match with your child. A good tutoring agency will carefully listen to you and set you with an appropriate tutor from the inventory of tutors that they had personally hired.

5. Avoid On-line programs. On-line programs are specifically meant for really difficult courses such 4th year university quantum physics where a local tutor would be difficult to find. A good on-line tutoring program has costs associated with it. For the same hourly rate you can get a tutor that goes to your home.  It is just not worth it.

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