How to delete main title from your WordPress pages and posts

How to delete your main title from your WordPress pages and posts.

Deleting main title from wordpress pages and posts

I am sure you have stumbled upon the fact that WordPress uses you main title in combinations with your post title and pages.  I was searching for days when I found out how to do this by trial and error.

1. First Install All in One- S.E.O .  I am sure other S.E.O W.P. plugins work but I have not tried it. 

2. Go to Settings on Dashboard and Click General.  Delete Title and Tagline (If you are using a program that uses the WP title on your page/post you may just have to find another program or theme such as weaver 2 or weaver 2 pro.  )

3. Go to Settings All -in -One -SEO and make sure that you have a title.

That’s it! Now Google should be reading your post and page titles the way you typed them.  Just make sure you scroll each page and type in the title, description, and keywords on the SEO all in one form.


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