Finding Tutors in Toronto

Finding Tutors In Toronto

finding tutors in toronto

Finding a tutor in Toronto can be a daunting task for many parents.  Since 2007 the amount of tutoring agencies and tutoring centres has rocketed. With so many agencies to choose from it is no wonder parents have to make a difficult choice of finding a  tutor in Toronto.

Some agencies offer free assessments as a sales ploy to reel you in to buying their tutoring package hours.  These tutoring packages can range from 20 to 100 hours.  Parents think that this agency that has just conducted a 1 hour assessment in their home must be professional.  In reality what you just did was invited and trusted a sales person who might not even be a certified teacher to assess your child on what their academic needs are in less than 1 hour.

Many parent’s get fooled into thinking they are going to receive a “FREE ACADEMIC ASSESSMENT“.  When in fact that agency is just using that useless paper assessment as a ploy to allow a salesperson to come into your home to sign on the dotted line to purchase their tutoring packages.

This would be similar to a generic heating company that wears a reflective vest, hard hat and has a clipboard in their  hand and knock on your door indicating they would like to check your water heater or furnace.  They look professional. They are talking the talk and letting you know that your water heater or furnace can become more efficient if you sign on the dotted line.   They look like their are doing their job but they are not from an established heating agency like direct energy.

What parents don’t realize is the best tool to use is your child’s current or past teacher.  They see your child 5 days a week. Hence, the teacher has the key to unlocking your child’s true academic potential.  Your child’s teacher will come up with the best action plan.  A 1 hour assessment from a salesperson is not going to be an accurate assessment of their strengths and needs.   A school psychologist is the only education professional that has been trained to genuinely assess your child academically.  Other than that you are wasting your time and your money.

Some parents have also done their research with tutoring centres in Toronto.  These tutoring centres in Toronto are usually located in a mall or a plaza.  These centres may sound good initially but what parents don’t realize is these tutoring centres in Toronto are conducting group centred tutoring.  That means your child will be placed with 2 to 5 other children in a group and that ultimately means your child is not receiving the full attention from their tutor.  Not to mention these other students might not even be at the same grade level.  Adding $5 to $10 per hour for 1 on 1 in home tutoring is no comparison. It is very obvious that your child will be achieving their academic potential at faster pace than conventional group centred tutoring offered at tutoring centres in Toronto.

Tutoring Agencies that guarantee Results 

What those agencies did not tell you is that you have to purchase 40 or more hours for them to guarantee results.  That amounts to 10 months of tutoring.  Any teacher can tell you that your child will improve in his knowledge and ability within a school year. With Tutors For Less 1 on 1 home tutoring you  always see some improvement in a students knowledge and ability to grasp the subject matter.  However, At Tutors 4 Less we do not offer any misleading improvement guarantees.

Unlike other tutoring agencies, we don’t see the need to make false or misleading score improvement guarantees. This is because we trust in our tutors’ results, our affordable rates, and our wide selection of professional educators. We work hard for your satisfaction, that is why most clients continue tutoring services with Tutors 4 Less.

We choose not to make long-term score or grade improvement guarantees because we respect our clients and know, as you do, that while we can easily refund your money, no tutoring service can ever truly guarantee its students’ success.

Tutoring agencies that offer this guarantees never truly intend to honour these guarantees, and they are full of fine print and exceptions anyway, just the like the health insurance policies, cell phone protection plans, and other types of contracts, these agencies are just trying to fool you out of your money.

At Tutors 4 less, we pride ourselves on our honest customer service, and thus do not want to ever associate ourselves with false guarantees that fool you into wasting your time and money.

Tutoring Agencies that have cheaper rates.

There are only three reasons why a tutoring agency may have cheaper rates. One of the reasons is that the agency is not established and are desperate to for your business. Sooner or later this agency is going to find out that they would need to hire less than mediocre tutors to teach your child and will soon run their agency to the ground with the number of complaints they would get from their clients.

The other reason parents don’t realize is that the agency may have quoted you a cheaper rate because you are going to lock into purchasing a bulk number of tutoring hours.  For example we have seen parents purchase 100 prepaid hours with another tutoring agency only to discover they did not like the tutor and there is no refund with that agency.

The last reason may be the tutor they are selecting for you. That agency may be hiding that from you.  They may be sending you a university student to tutor your child reading skills that should be taught by a certified teacher. Or they may be sending you a Mathematics major to tackle on a chemistry assignment.   At Tutors For Less we do not hide anything we let you know that our rates only change depending on the qualification of the tutor.  Our clients realize that hiring a certified teacher will change the hourly rate substantially compared with a university student.

At Tutors For less – Toronto, we make sure that our tutors work with your child’s teacher to make sure they are getting the proper assistance your child’s teacher recommends.  We offer a wide variety of tutoring packages to suit your tutoring requests at very affordable rates.  We have the lowest Rates in the City. Our tutors teach all subjects and grades. You can’t get better home tutoring anywhere.

Trust the Tutoring Agency That Cares! Tutors For Less

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Finding Tutors in Toronto — 3 Comments

  1. I just think it is ridiculous about the amount of tutoring ageencies out there. A lot of them are very green. I guess that is what happens when you don’t regulate an industry such as tutoring. Some of the companies or franchises seem to be open by idiots that have decided to make a quick buck that have no business in education field. I called one company that advertised $25 for a certified teacher. They told me in broken English that all their tutors are certified teachers. I said so your telling me that for $25 my son can get a certified teacher that you can verify with OCT. They then told me that they are tutors that are certified to teach certain subjects. I then told them so they are not certified teachers from OCT. They seemed puzzled. They didn’t understand so I cut the phone. I called another no name tutoring company and they called me back a week later. Why advertise if you are not open up for business. Seems to me some of these agencies are open up by young guns that are not educators.. The amount of crappy and green tutoring agencies that are opening up is getting ridiculous. This industry needs to be regulated or it will get out of hand. At least with Tutors For Less you know you are getting a certified teacher that understands everything you are telling them.

  2. I agree with you here Bernie. There are just too many tutoring agencies out there to choose from. But you can tell which ones have just started or are green. It does not take a rocket scientist to figure that out. I have been working as a tutor and a business consultant for many years and what I found is that these green companies or tutoring agencies come and go within a year or so when they find out that they are not meant for the tutoring business or running a business. Many people think that opening up a business is easy. It is the opposite of that. You need to spend a lot of time, money, and effort if you are going to run a business or tutoring agency for that matter. It is not a 9 to 5 job. That is why you probably have some agencies not returning your call. Stick with a tutoring agency you can trust.

  3. I totally agree that the parents should not go for cheap tutoring services, but should look out for the best education. It might be possible that the tutor is unprofessional in giving education and they are just wasting your money without any results.

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