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Do you have a refund policy?

Yes we do! Did you know that Tutors 4 Less is one of the few tutoring agencies that offer refunds. That is because at Tutors 4 Less, we pride ourselves on our honest costumer service, In practically all cases, however, this policy has proven to be unnecessary: over the last decade, fewer than one percent of Tutors 4 less clients have ever requested a refund.

I found a cheaper rate.

We do offer discounts if you pre purchase 20 or more hours with our tutoring agency.

Did you know Tutors 4 Less has a Lowest Rate Guarantee   Find another home tutoring agency out there with a lower rate and we will not only match the rate but beat it by 10% of the difference.  

Cheaper is not always better, especially when it comes to someone who will be teaching your child. We take our time by carefully screening and selecting our tutors. Our tutors go through a rigorous screening process to make sure that when we are sending you a tutor you will receive a tutor who is professional, caring, patient, reliable, and knowledgeable about the subject matter they are teaching. Tutors 4 Less would rather not send a tutor to your household if we knew that the tutor would not perform to the best of his/her teaching abilities. Ask about our discounts, call Tutors For Less Today!

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Some tutoring centres may offer a cheaper rate but keep in mind for that extra $5 to $10 dollars per hour you could get 1 on 1 in home tutoring.  Group tutoring has been proven to be less effective than 1 on 1 tutoring.  

Do you offer grade improvements or guaranteed results?

With 1 on 1 tutoring you almost always see some improvement in grade results.  However, At Tutors 4 Less we do not offer any misleading improvement guarantees. 

Unlike other tutoring agencies, we don’t see the need to make false or misleading score improvement guarantees. This is because we trust in our tutors’ results, our affordable rates, and our wide selection of professional educators. We work hard for your satisfaction, that is why most clients continue tutoring services with Tutors 4 Less. 

We choose not to make long-term score or grade improvement guarantees because we respect our clients and know, as you do, that while we can easily refund your money, no service can ever truly guarantee its students’ success. 

Tutoring agencies that offer this guarantees never truly intend to honour these guarantees, and they are full of fine print and exceptions anyway, just the like the health insurance policies, cell phone protection plans, and other types of contracts, these agencies are just trying to fool you out of your money. 

At Tutors 4 less, we pride ourselves on our honest customer service, and thus do not want to ever associate ourselves with false guarantees that fool you into wasting your time and money.  

A tutoring agency just offered me a free In-Home assessment. Some tutoring centres also requested that I my child should be assessed by them.

Your child does not need an assessment.  Your child’s teacher holds valuable and important information regarding areas of improvement!

Be careful about tutoring agencies that offer you free assessments. These agencies are trying to fool you into believing that they are professionals who are conducting a genuine educational assessment. When if fact they are far from a genuine education assessment. A genuine assessment should only be conducted by a trained and qualified psychologist trained in assessing student academically.

What these agencies are trying to do is serenade you into buying their services. Let’s face it, once their in your home you feel more obligated to purchase their services because you think they have wasted their time on you and your child. In essence what you have just done is invited a salesperson into your home who will entice you into buying their services.

Tutoring centres also do not administer assessments by a trained and qualified psychologist. They are using the same type assessment that your nearby special education teacher in your school has access to. The reason why tutoring centres are giving your child an assessment is because they need to give out worksheets to your child so they can work independently while they teach the other children in their group (size varies from 3-5 students who are in different academic levels). This ultimately means your child would receive less one-on-one attention. This is why Tutors For less Works! You can’t get any better than the one-on-one individualized attention your child receives from our tutors.

At Tutors For Less we feel strongly about not administering assessments. Your child needs to build his/her confidence from the start. An assessment that occurs before they start a tutoring program might turn your child away from receiving valuable tutoring assistance. Our tutors can pinpoint areas of improvement and gaps in learning right on the spot. Therefore, there is no need for an assessment, because with 1 on 1 tutoring the tutor is always constantly focusing on your child’s progress.

Why are you different from other In-Home tutoring Agencies?

Tutors For Less is established by school principals and operated by experienced and certified teachers. We are at the forefront of academic education. Our tutors are thoroughly screened and reference checked for their ability to teach and relate well children, teenagers, and adults. At Tutors For Less you choose the type of tutor you want. Be it a University Student, University Graduate, Masters Graduate, Certified Teacher, or a Professor. We carefully select the right tutor for your child. Most other In-home tutoring agencies will send you what they have and you have no choice in the tutor you select? That is why you can have a piece of mind when it comes to Tutors For Less. You can be rest assured that we have found the right tutor for you. Our philosophy at Tutors For Less is to help your child acquire the academic skills and strategies to be successful in the classroom. Our tutors can team up with you, your child, and your child’s teacher to make sure that your child gets the appropriate accommodations to help him/her succeed in the classroom.

Why should I not choose my local or nearby tutoring centre?

Tutoring centres do not provide 1 on 1 individualized attention. Most tutoring centres will have a 1:5 Student to tutor ratio. Some tutoring centres don’t have a tutor at all. You child is simply given worksheets to be marked by end of the tutoring session. Most Tutoring centres will mention to you that they have a mandatory $300 assessment fee which assesses your child’s grade level. The reason they need assessments is because in order to work with 3, 4 or 10 other students they need to give your child worksheets at their assessed grade level while they work with the other students in a small group. Divide 5 students into 60 minutes. That is only 15 minutes of individualized attention. Tutoring centres will not work on your child’s homework. While Tutors For Less can work on your child’s homework and provide extra resources to assist and enrich your child’s learning.

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