Choosing A Tutoring Agency

Choosing A Tutoring Agency

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Parents have the daunting task of finding the right tutor for their child. They call many agencies and find out the lowest rate for professional In home tutoring.  The problem is since 2007 the amount of tutoring agencies out there has quadrupled in amount.  The choice is really what you are looking for.  Are you looking for group learning situations whereby your child is situated with other students in a small group.  Then perhaps Sylvan learning or Oxford learning would best suit your needs. Are you looking for your child to become self learner, then a Kumon centre would most likely suit your child’s needs.

Or are you looking for an In home tutoring agency whereby the tutor goes to your home to teach your child remedial or enrichment skills in the comfort of your own home?

Now the confusing part.  The parent is left to choose which agency is the best for their child.  There is really no right answer here. Different agencies have different approaches to grab you as their customer.

Some agencies insist on an assessment and free consultation. They scheduled a visit to your home to conduct what the call an assessment.  Then they say they will work on an “action plan”.  What they did not tell you is the assessment they are using is just a way to get them in your front door.  This way because you have invited them into your house you feel obligated to sign up because you think they have wasted their time on assessing your child.  The looked very professional in administering their paper assessment that they must know what they are doing.  “THIS IS WRONG ASSUMPTION”

What they also did not tell you is that an educational assessment should only be conducted by a person trained in assessing children.  That would be your educational psychologist.

Their so called “action plan” based on their 30 minute assessment is useless because what your child need to focus on is the gaps they are missing in their current school year.   “Your child’s teacher and your child’s report card is the best action plan for your child.

Tutors 4 Less is established by school principals and operated by experienced and certified teachers. We are at the forefront of academic education! Tutors 4 Less   has  been around for almost a decade and as a result we are a very reputable tutoring agency with second to none when it comes to customer satisfaction. Tutors 4 Less offers private, one-on-one, In-Home instruction. You and your child save valuable time because our tutors travel to your home. In addition to the academic resources we provide our tutors are ready to work with your child on their homework. 

Some Reasons why Tutors 4 Less works!

  • 1 on 1 Tutoring :  1 : 1  Teacher to student ratio.  Get instant results with 1 on 1 tutoring!
  • Lowest Rates in the private tutoring industry!
  • Our individualized sessions provide a one-on-one direct teaching style suited specifically for each student. That means you get 100% of the attention from your tutor.  
  • At Tutors 4 Less we help students of all ages and levels reach their full academic potential
  • We assist students so they can excel in their own classroom
  • We develop and encourage organizational skills and time management skills
  • Tutors 4 Less‘ objective is to provide the highest quality professional Home instruction to allow a student reasonable opportunity to expeditiously resolve current educational gaps in their learning. 
  • Affordable rates! :Our purpose is to help students with remedial or enrichment support without imposing a major financial burden upon the parent

Make the right Choice for your child.

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  1. I am a retired teacher and had been teaching for over 30 years. I have to agree with you here. How can a half hour assessment accurately reflect the student academic skills. I was looking for a tutoring agency for my grandson for a couple of weeks and when they mentioned that the company made their own assessment tools I shook my head and said why? I know the word free assessment and consultation sounds enticing but can’t accurately assess a student from a sales representative that does not even have their teacher certification. Is this assessment Valid? The answer is a big NO! Teachers are there to help you. A teacher has been with your child for approximately 5 hours per day for the entire year. They know your child the best. I am sure if you simply made a phone call to your child’s teacher, he or she would give you valuable information to help improve your child’s grades. Sorry to say but a half hour test from a person that is not even a teacher is not going to cut it. I tried to teach my grandson, but he is not serious with me so he does not allow me to teach him like a teacher or tutor would. I have called many tutoring agencies and Tutors For Less is the only agency that I know that actually keeps in contact with the child’s teacher. I was pleased with your organization and had my grandson tutored from Tutors For Less. Thank you for your monthly progress updates and the great tutor you provided. He adores his tutor and looks forward to Mya’s visits. Very professional and honest organization I must add. You really do care!

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